Constitutional Carry: a 2016 Legislative Priority

RPT Legislative Priorities

The final page of the 2016 RPT Platform contains 5 legislative priorities individually voted on and approved by the entire state convention. It reads:

We, the delegates of the 2016 Republican Party of Texas State Convention, call upon the 85th Texas Legislature to:


1. Pass constitutional carry while maintaining licensing as optional for reciprocity purposes.


2. Abolish abortion by enacting legislation to stop the murder of unborn children; and to ignore and refuse to enforce any and all federal statutes, regulations, executive orders, and court rulings, which would deprive an unborn child of the right to life.


3. Prioritize the allocation of funds to effectively secure the border through whatever means necessary, including but not limited to barriers, personnel, and technology over land, sea, and air, because the federal government refuses to secure the southern border of Texas.


4. Call for a limited Article V convention of states for the specific purpose of restricting the power of the federal government, including the implementation of term limits, and balanced budget amendment. Any proposed amendments must be ratified by ¾ of the states.


5. And to replace the property tax system with an alternative other than the income tax and require voter approval to increase the overall tax burden.


We request the Republican State Chair and the State Republican Executive Committee to utilize reasonable Party resources necessary to promote and support passage. It should be understood that these five priorities are not meant to diminish the requirement for the legislature to address the full platform of planks.

What happens now?

It is the official responsibility of the SREC (State Republican Executive Committee) to push these legislative priorities. They’ve established a Legislative Priority committee, chaired by Amy Clark, Vice-Chair of the RPT. Amy reported to the entire SREC in their quarterly meeting on September 10, 2016. Here’s her speech:


Amy has fantastic ideas about training activists all over the state to come to the Capitol and get involved in the legislative process. However, there are still ways that these plans could get derailed.


Help us hold the SREC accountable to pass constitutional carry in 2017.

Plan now to show up to the December SREC meeting – more info TBA.

If you can’t come to Austin, you can watch the livestream from home.

SREC meeting

liberty activists observing the SREC meeting, Sept. 2016

Why Gun Legislation?

Here are four reasons why I believe gun legislation is the perfect topic to prioritize.

  1. Gun rights is a huge issue in Texas. We already have great grassroots momentum through many open carry groups.
  2. It’s not a divisive issue for Republicans: it’s already agreed upon and well-stated in the platform.
  3. There’s demonstrated need. Gun legislation failed miserably in 2013; constitutional carry was blocked in 2015 and will fail again without help.
  4. This would be very positive for RPT if passed – great outreach bringing in huge numbers of enthusiastic grassroots activists. On the other hand, failure to take a measure like this will bring very negative results to the Party by showing hypocrisy.

Previous History:

The 2014 Constitutional Carry resolution passed through the committee with overwhelming support and was adopted by the entire convention. See more: CLICK HERE.

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