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We believe . . .


Texans should be free to carry their firearms without a permit requirement.


Texans should be free to manufacture firearms and accessories and sell them to fellow Texans without the federal government regulating sales under “interstate commerce.”


Texans should not be disarmed by our legislature in the very places where criminals target us.


The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • States that allow open carry of handguns without a license 60%
  • States that allow open or concealed carry of handguns without a license 20%

Unlike many other states, Texas does not allow unlicensed handgun carry.

We make activism accessible for the everyday Texan.

Feel infringed? 


Feel like you’re talking into thin air?


Let us hold your microphone so you can make your voice heard in the Texas legislature.

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3 things you can do for gun rights in the 2017 legislative session:

Come to a hearing

Decide now that you will attend. Hearings are mostly weekdays, March-May, but you'll have only a few days' notice.  You can testify or simply register your opinion.

Join our friendly activist team and you can feel confident to testify. After all, you are the one most qualified to give your own opinion to the Legislature!

Call your legislators

Call or visit your own reps now. Tell them what you care about, and let them know you’re watching.  During session, be ready to make phone calls when bills get conveniently "stuck" and reps need motivation.

Find your representatives here.

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