Making Constitutional Carry a Reality in Texas!

Rachel Malone of Texas Firearms Freedom and Justin Delosh of Lone Star Gun Rights took a few minutes out of yesterday’s prep work to discuss gun rights in Texas and tomorrow’s event in Austin.

Please listen and share this video:

(Click here to view video on YouTube.)

Join Us:

  • Texas State Capitol in Austin
  • Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 8:00am
  • meet at the South Steps

A few suggestions for participants:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and expect to walk a lot
  • Bring water
  • Pack a lunch so you don’t have to leave the Capitol for food
  • Bring your kids - this is an ideal way to teach them good citizenship
  • Park in the Capitol Visitors’ Parking Garage at 1201 San Jacinto ($8 for all day)
  • Plan to stay all day. The number of people who show up will determine how long it takes to deliver petitions to all the offices.

We hope to see you there!

Even if you can’t join us at the Capitol tomorrow, you can still help.

1.) Sign the petition.

2.) Share the petition (CLICK HERE for a facebook post you can share.)

3.) Purchase T-shirts and/or donate to LSGR to help continue the push for Constitutional Carry.

legislative prep 1-11-15


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Constitutional Carry: Call To Action!

Please join us at the Texas State Capitol!

When: Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 8:00 am

Where: Texas State Capitol in Austin (map); meet at the South Steps

Who: All Texans who want to support Constitutional Carry (family-friendly event)

I’m honored to be joining my friends at Lone Star Gun Rights for this exciting event on the day we’ve been waiting for: the day the 84th legislature convenes.

We’ll visit the offices of the Texas State Senators and Representatives and hand-deliver petitions signed by their own constituents. These petitions urge reps to support HB 195, the constitutional carry bill already filed by Rep. Jonathan Stickland. (Read the bill here)

For the past year and a half, our main form of gun rights activism was participation in open carry marches. Our goal was to keep the issue alive until we had another chance at passing legislation. Not anymore.

Now our representatives are arriving in Austin. Bills are being filed. Committees are being formed. During the next 5 months, legislation will either be pushed forward and passed, or else blocked and killed.

This is it. This is our chance.

What will you do to help?

I don’t know your personal situation. I know it’s not possible for everyone to come to Austin. However, I strongly urge you to consider taking off work and making the trip to join us as we promote Constitutional Carry. You don’t have to talk or debate; you’ll be assigned to a group with a qualified leader who can be your spokesperson.

We simply need enough people on-site to show strong support for Constitutional Carry. 

Even if you cannot attend the event, here are three important ways you can still help:

1.) Sign the Constitutional Carry petition. (click here) LSGR will print and hand-deliver it to your own representatives.

2.) Purchase T-shirts and/or donate. Your support direcctly helps LSGR get more petitions signed and delivered.

3.) Get other Texans to sign the Constitutional Carry petition. Share this link on facebook, twitter, or other social media, or send a personal email to your friends.

Each voice makes a difference. Don’t let yours be unheard.

See you there.

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Gunpowder And Lace: How Firearms Empower Women

The first Gunpowder and Lace ladies’ open carry walk was a beautiful success, thanks to the great work of the Come And Take It Texas team.

In many ways, this walk was just like any other CATI walk: a safe, friendly, outreach and demonstration that an armed society is a polite society. It included positive interactions with the public. Participants traveled a tested route. Prior contact was made with law enforcement per CATI policies. Carriers regulated each other to ensure the safety of all.

However, this walk was exceptional: it featured the ladies. The women of CATI took the lead and were the only armed participants. Men and boys were invited to join in the walk, but were asked to carry only flags and literature.

The Gunpowder and Lace walk highlighted the fact that firearms empower women. They are the great equalizer. Women do not carry firearms out of fear, but rather because they don’t have to be afraid.

This demographic may be unexpected to those who are accustomed to the concept that open carry activists consists solely or primarily of the “gun nut” redneck guys. Nothing could be further from the truth. Armed women are a growing demographic and a force to be reckoned with. And they don’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Woe to those who would try to mess with these women and their guns. Legislators of 2015: be ready to face the accountability of these moms who will demand your legislative action for their gun rights to be upheld.

Many thanks to the women of CATI Austin and those from around the state who traveled to Austin to stand together and demonstrate the empowerment firearms bring to women.



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RPT State Convention Recap

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) convention cycle has finished, and gun rights activists came out winners! Thanks to your work, we secured some exciting victories.

What happened?
How did we win?
Where do we go from here?

Keep reading to find out, and don’t miss the important ACTION ITEM at the end!

What Happened?

Every 2 years, delegates attend the RPT conventions to create a Platform (statement of shared beliefs) and Rules (guidance for implementing those beliefs). The 2012 platform already called for open carry, campus carry, and even Constitutional Carry; however, that obviously wasn’t implemented. We needed something more.

Here’s what we did.

#1 – Prioritization of Gun Legislation - SUCCESS

Out of its entire 40-page statement of beliefs, the Republican Party of Texas has listed one priority for the 2015 session: gun rights legislation.

View Rachel Malone’s 3-minute speech to the Platform Committee here:

#2 – Censure Concept - INCLUDED IN PLATFORM

We attempted to add a rule that would specifically call for censuring and penalizing office-holders elected on a Republican ticket who don’t hold to the core principles of the RPT. The Rules committee did not accept this, so it’s not an official RPT rule. However, the Platform committee still included it, which means the concept is a part of the Platform and could move forward as a Rule.

Why did we win?

These victories aren’t a coincidence. They’re the result of strategic planning, lots of hard work, and the presence of many dedicated activists (including many of you receiving this email).

Here’s how we achieved victory:

  • We attended our precinct and county/SD conventions.
  • We submitted resolutions for Censure and Prioritization of Gun Legislation.
  • We were elected delegates to the State convention in Ft. Worth.
  • We testified before committees.
  • We sat through hours on end of committee hearings to hold members accountable.
  • We worked together as a team, each doing what he could, to collectively get the job done.

Whether you gave a speech, submitted resolutions, picked up pizza, hosted an activist for the week, lent us a phone charger, or live-streamed committee meetings, thank you. If all you were able to do was to attend your neighborhood precinct convention back in March – or simply to share a facebook status and leave an encouraging comment – thank you for that. Those things can make a difference and win us a victory.


with a friend and hard-working delegate

Where do we go from here?

Good question!

We need to prepare as many activists as possible to be involved in the 2015 legislative session. TFF is reaching out to gun clubs, gun ranges, political clubs, and other groups. I’d love to speak at your group.


Schedule a time for me to speak to your club, community, or other group. I’ll present the status of gun legislation in Texas, a blueprint for achieving Constitutional Carry, and specific action steps for you to help get legislation passed as law during the next session (January-May 2015).

Contact us here, or call (512) 937-3006.


Post-convention, with two CATI leaders who were also delegates. Honored to be working alongside them for gun rights.

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State Convention: Tips For New Delegates

Are you an alternate or delegate to the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Fort Worth this week? Congratulations, and welcome to a crazy week! Whatever your reason for being here – gun rights or otherwise – here are some suggestions to make the convention a better and more productive experience for you.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

  1. Use this week as a chance to network. Find those who agree with you and keep in touch for future projects. Don’t treat the “other side” as the enemy – if they oppose you, stay friendly, treat them as real human beings, and try to help them see your perspective. Be a helpful person they can count on for advice – whether it’s a cheaper parking garage, lunch idea, or an important vote.
  2. Provide accountability. Just your presence sitting in on a committee meeting, even if you don’t give testimony, lets them know that you are watching and listening, and maybe reporting on facebook what they’re doing. This is good. We all need accountability.If you have opinions on a matter and feel like you understand enough to give testimony and/or talk with the committee members one-on-one, that’s even better.
  3. Elect SREC members (that’s the people who run the Republican Party of Texas) whom you trust. This may or may not be someone who is your friend. That’s OK. Keep friendship and political votes separate as much as you can.4.) Come home having given everything you could. Keep your sanity – do what you need to so you don’t burn out. Hold your head high no matter what the outcome is.

​If you have no idea what’s going on:

That’s OK. Take a deep breath. Just being there is good. State conventions are confusing. Do your best, do what you can, and don’t sweat the rest. Keep your mission in mind.

Even if you lose votes and don’t get your way on your issues, you can still accomplish Mission #1 very effectively.


Conventions are long and confusing. They can be both extremely boring and extremely chaotic. Be mentally prepared for this and don’t let it wear you down.

Also come prepared with snacks, packed lunches, water, comfortable shoes, and whatever else you need to make it through long days.

If you feel like you’re ready to leave, choose the phone-a-friend option first to get some good advice.

May you enjoy a productive week and prove to be an effective delegate!

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State Convention: Prioritizing Gun Legislation, Part 1

Our resolution for prioritizing gun legislation came before a platform sub-committee today. The committee responded very positively, understood the intent, and passed the resolution. It will move to the full platform committee tomorrow.

This resolution is ground-breaking because it’s not merely a platform plank; it’s a resolution separate from the platform that tells the SREC to utilize resources to prioritize this issue.

Resolution text:

We call upon the 84th Texas Legislature to propose to the people of Texas a Constitutional Amendment to strike “; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime” from Article I, Section 23 of the Texas Constitution.

We direct the State Party Chair and the State Republican Executive Committee to consider adoption of such an Amendment and other legislation necessary to remove restrictions on Texans’ right to own and bear arms a legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas for the 2015 legislative session and to utilize reasonable Party resources necessary to promote and support their passage.”

Here is an outline of some testimony I presented on why I believe gun rights is THE important issue we should prioritize.

  1. Gun rights is a huge issue in Texas. We already have great grassroots momentum through many open carry groups.
  2. It’s not a divisive issue: it’s already agreed upon and well-stated in the platform.
  3. There’s demonstrated need. Gun legislation failed miserably in 2013 and will fail again without help.
  4. This would be very positive for RPT if passed – great outreach bringing in huge numbers of enthusiastic grassroots activists. On the other hand, failure to take a measure like this will bring very negative results to the Party by showing hypocrisy.

(CLICK HERE to read more about this resolution)

Keep at it, all you grassroots workers who’ve put so much effort into this during the past months. We’re very close! Let’s take this home!

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Block Walk for TJ Fabby

Fabby took top place in a four-way race on March 4 at the primary elections, and is headed to a run-off election on May 27.  This run-off contest is getting statewide attention now and clearly shaping up as one of the biggest battles between Tea Party/small government types and Austin establishment types.

We need your help to get this Constitutional Carry candidate in office so he can vigorously work to get our God-given, constitutionally-affirmed right to keep and bear arms legislatively upheld here in Texas!

Fabby-armed society

Action Item: Block Walk for T.J. Fabby

Who: You, and anyone else who would like to see gun rights advanced in Texas

When: Anytime between now and the run-off election on May 27. Pick your days, pick your times (morning/afternoon/evening)

Where: South of Dallas, in HD10, which encompasses Waxahachie and Ennis, and stretches east almost to Athens

Contact us with the following information and we will get you set up to block walk:

1.) What days and times you are available to block walk between now and May 27.
2.) If you need transportation (the district is south of Dallas), or if you have seats available for others to carpool with you.
3.) Your name, email address, and phone number.

CLICK HERE to read more about TJ Fabby, his race, and his stand on gun rights.

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TJ Fabby: The Constitutional Carry Candidate

Can you imagine a state representative saying this?

Do I support open carry? Yes, but what I support even more is constitutional carry. I don’t really care if a person carries their sidearm open or concealed. I want them to be allowed by the law to carry however they wish WITHOUT first obtaining permission (CHL) from their government. It’s a God-given right, not a government-granted right!

Or this?

Did God not give you the ability and freedom to defend yourself? The right to self-defense is clearly a God-given right.

How about this statement?

The purpose of the 2nd amendment was not to enable the people to hunt or defend themselves from common criminals, although these are benefits of the 2nd amendment, but rather to enable the people to protect themselves from their own government if it ever became oppressive.

I can imagine it. Next year we might have such a legislator in office. All the above statements were made by T.J. Fabby, candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, District 10.

Fabby-armed society

But he’s not there yet. We need your help!

Fabby took top place in a four-way race on March 4 at the primary elections, and is headed to a run-off election on May 27.  This run-off contest is getting statewide attention now and clearly shaping up as one of the biggest battles between Tea Party/small government types and Austin establishment types.

Even Democrat blog Burnt Orange Report gets it and has this one listed on their top 10 runoffs to watch. They say “this contest provides a clear contrast between the TEA Party and establishment wings of the Republican Party.” Of course, they’d prefer it go the wrong way.

Please help us disappoint them.

We need your help to get this Constitutional Carry candidate in office so he can vigorously work to get our God-given, constitutionally-affirmed right to keep and bear arms legislatively upheld here in Texas!

Action Item: Participate in the fundraiser dinner for T.J. Fabby

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
6:30pm – 9:30pm

Waxahachie Civic Center
1950 North Interstate 35 East
Waxahachie, TX 75165

RSVP to or call (817) 988-6927


Pick the option that works best for you:

1.) Attend as a guest. ($60/person).

2.) Sponsor a table ($600 for 8 people, and you get to sit with a state representative)

3.) If you can’t attend yourself, sponsor someone else to attend.

4.) If you prefer, simply donate to T.J. Fabby at his website: CLICK HERE

If you’re willing to sponsor a plate – or a table – but don’t have anyone to attend, contact us! We’ll connect you with a Texas Firearms Freedom activist in the area who would be delighted to attend.

The problem with gun laws is that they only restrict law abiding citizens. The notion that stricter gun legislation would reduce violent crime is ludicrous. A criminal is not restrained by law until they are caught. So if a criminal is willing to break the law to commit a robbery or murder, then they would have no problem breaking the law in order to obtain the gun to do it with. Therefore, I am opposed to ALL gun legislation that gets in the way of a law abiding citizen owning a gun.

(T.J. Fabby)

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Report: Committee Hearing on the Second Amendment

committee hearing 4-7-14

Victory by Gun Rights Activists

Last Monday, the Senate invited the public to come share their thoughts on an important topic: Removing Barriers to the Second Amendment. We carried the day: out of 55 witnesses, we had 50 gun rights activists show up, stick it out, and make their voice heard in favor of gun rights. (See the witness list HERE. Most of those who are listed as testifying “on” the issue testified in favor.)

Congratulations to all of YOU who testified, many of you for the first time ever. Thank you for coming.

Testimony Presented

In testimony, many different angles were presented, including the unconstitutionality of a permit requirement, the atrocity of gun-free zones, historical background, and statistics that prove freer gun laws will help to prevent crime. Multiple witnesses spoke in favor not only of open carry, but of full Constitutional Carry (carry anywhere, open or concealed, no permit required).

Rachel Malone testified representing Texas Firearms Freedom, presenting a case for Constitutional Carry. Read the testimony here, or listen to the video which includes a bit of her personal background on the issue.

Another powerful testimony was the letter written by 1st Lt. Patrick Cook who witnessed a fellow soldier being fatally shot at the recent Ft. Hood shooting:

Nearly a week later, I can still taste his blood in my mouth from when I and my comrades breathed into his lungs for 20 long minutes while we waited for a response from the authorities. . . . I know it will happen again. More will die, more will be wounded, more families will be torn apart, needlessly. It happened again, and will happen again, because Fort Hood is a gun free zone.

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the letter.

Watch the Committee Hearing

Did you miss the hearing? You can still watch the video. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see all of our activists giving testimony.

CLICK HERE to watch the full committee hearing

The gun rights portion begins around 3:51:00. A few invited speakers give lengthier testimony at the beginning. After that, each citizen who came and signed up to speak has 3 minutes apiece.

Be Ready for 2015!

Keep in mind that, since we are between legislative sessions right now, there are no bills pending. This interim hearing was called for the purpose of hearing from the people of Texas their thoughts on gun law, particularly open carry. This gives the legislators an idea of what to expect or prepare for when they are actually in session.

The next legislative session (84th Regular Session) is scheduled to run January-May 2015. Please plan now to be available to come testify in these hearings. We need as many people as possible to show up, stick it out, and make their voice heard. It’s effort, time, and sacrifice that you won’t regret. Be there.

In Their Own Words….From Our Activists

From Kathy P:

Dropped everything for a very short notice to testify before the Texas Senate committee on behalf of open carry in Texas. 3am is early…..but it’s well worth it. There are a ton of people who dropped everything and came today. It’s exciting.

From Diana R:

Scary but empowering. For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m being heard. E-mails, letters and phone calls are OK but not the same.

From Terry Holcomb, Sr.:

It was empowering seeing so many citizens come together to address their grievances against the unconstitutional restrictions on the right to open carry. If you want to really make a difference for liberty, this is how to do it.

From Richard B.:

Follow up with your particular Representative and Senator and don’t let them forget.

Related posts on our blog:


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Amy’s Tips For Testifying

We’re all first-timers once – don’t let that intimidate you when there’s a chance to testify! Here are a few tips from a citizen who who has learned to make her voice heard for liberty.  Read up so you’re ready to jump in at the next committee hearing or city council meeting. Thanks, Amy, for sharing these with us! 

1.) Have supporters in the room

Get a LOT of people to show up to support you, and be the people that show up to support others. When I used to give speeches at City Council meetings, the Council would just just smile, roll their eyes, and think I was nuts because it was just me and maybe one other person. When I give speeches now with a room of applause, the committee members acknowledge the weight of the sentiments, think twice about how many people they want to piss off, and still think I’m nuts. But nuts with back up.

Be the backup for our speakers!! If nothing else, consider your role as a back up person to be the Applause Initiator.

2.) Speak Anyway

There were at least two people who spoke that almost decided to not speak. Numbers count, and vocal numbers are a weightier voice than silent numbers. Skip to the end to see a very sweet lady who was originally only there to support her husband. She braved the Committee and spoke anyway. Oh, and don’t let fussy kids stop you.

3. Script your testimony.

Even if you normally ad lib or know you’ll end up improvising — I do and did. Have a plan and Write It Down. I spent about two hours working on this particular speech, mostly paring it down. Even if you just scribble bullet-point notes 30 seconds before you go up, it can help keep you on track.

Seek input and get help with your speech.

Have people critique it for verbiage/ stats.

Practice reciting the speech. Lots.

4. Record the delivery.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Video is priceless. Even if someone else is videotaping it, record independently. You never know when the “official” recording will fail or get lost, or someone else will get a different perspective. Thanks to the alternative perspective offered by a second recording from a different angle, I now know to adjust the back of my suit when I’m sitting in front of a committee.

Watch Amy’s Second Amendment Testimony:

For more examples of testimony, watch the full committee hearing from April 7, 2014 – CLICK HERE . (The gun rights portion begins around 3:40:50.) The gun rights portion begins around 3:51:00; after a few invited speakers give lengthier testimony, each citizen who came and signed up to speak has 3 minutes apiece.

committee hearing sitting

A roomful of activists prepares to testify – many of them for the first time.


committee hearing testify

In the Texas legislature, all committee hearings are live-streamed. If you can’t attend a committee hearing in person, be sure to watch the livestream to support liberty activists who are testifying.


committee hearing testify 2

Senator Estes presides over a committee hearing while an activist testifies.


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