What We Believe

Texas Firearms Freedom is dedicated to making activism accessible for the everyday Texan. Our mission for 2017 is to pass Constitutional Carry in Texas. 20% of the United States recognize Constitutional Carry, and we want Texas to be next. Please join us.

We believe Texans should be free to carry their firearms without a permit requirement.

We believe Texans should be free to manufacture firearms and accessories and sell them to fellow Texans without the federal government regulating it under “interstate commerce.”

We believe Texans should not be disarmed by our legislature in the very places where criminals target us.

We also believe our God-given, Constitutionally-affirmed right to keep and bear arms is being infringed. Do you feel that way also? Wish you could do something about it? You can. We would love to have you join. Take responsibility to make change happen. We’ll show you how.

What We Do

We hold your microphone so your voice is heard in the Texas legislature.

We train you to testify at committee hearings for gun bills.

We teach you the legislative process so you understand how bills can pass – or fail.

We invite you to gun owner lobby days at the Capitol.

We publish action alerts so you can make phone calls when a bill is stuck in committee.

We track gun-related bills and let you know when a bill is scheduled for a public hearing.

We give you a community so you are not alone.

We host activist meet-ups to introduce you to others who may share your beliefs and mission, and give you a chance to help strategize for firearms freedom.

We have a strong presence at events such as committee hearings, so you can be sure there are friendlies in the room when you testify – and old-timers to show you the ropes.

We maintain a social media presence where many of our activists join the conversation on a daily basis.

We teach firearms classes so you can join the ranks of those who are competent and confident in carrying a handgun for self defense.

We join with organizations such as Lone Star Gun Rights for open carry walks, petition drives, and capitol lobby days.

From TFF Director, Rachel Malone

From the Director

I founded Texas Firearms Freedom in 2012, in preparation for the 83rd legislative session in the spring of 2013, and in direct response to the failure of Licensed Open Carry in the previous session. I had followed the bill from afar, and assumed matters would take care of themselves. I became indignant when the bill was stalled without getting heard on the floor of the House – but I realized that I had no right to be upset because I hadn’t done all I could to ensure its passage. I vowed to do everything I could in 2013. Thus I started Texas Firearms Freedom, an organization to give people like me a voice so we can make change happen.

During the 2013 legislative session, I testified on over a dozen firearms bills, met with legislators, produced a website with updates, and sent out action alerts to other activists and liberty-minded organizations who wanted to follow gun bills. Open Carry died in Joe Pickett’s committee – he held a hearing but never allowed the committee members a vote on whether to send it on to Calendars committee.

In the meantime, I decided to press on towards the even greater goal of passing Constitutional Carry, sometimes called permitless carry.

In 2014, Texas Firearms Freedom was instrumental in passing a historical grassroots-driven legislative priority in the Republican Party of Texas for constitutional carry. We traveled all over Texas and conducted activist training for delegates to help them understand the process. The RPT state convention is the largest political gathering in the world, and over 8,000 Texans attend each year. However, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, and hard to follow the process to make change happen, especially for a first-time delegate. Our delegates were well-prepared and confidently accomplished our goal, submitting resolutions in over half the senatorial districts in Texas and testifying during committee hearings at the state convention.

Leading up to the 2015 session, we participated in open carry walks with Lone Star Gun Rights and other open carry organizations. Open carry of rifles was legal, no permit required, and we carried rifles to highlight the fact that we were not allowed to open carry handguns (even with a license). Due to huge grassroots turnout at committee hearings, licensed open carry passed in 2015, along with campus carry for license holders.

Unfortunately, even though Constitutional Carry was filed by Jonathan Stickland in 2015, it was never scheduled for a hearing. However, during the open carry heairngs, we trained our activists to know that they had the option to testify “on” a bill instead of “for” or “against” it. Many of them joined us in registering on” the bill, and providing testimony to let the committee know that we support open carry, but we wanted the license requirement removed. In this way. constitutional carry had a hearing: we showed up in record numbers and let our voice be heard.

I’m excited about all we can accomplish together in 2017. I would be honored to help you understand the process of testifying and showing up when it counts, so you can tell the Legislature what you think of various bills and issues. After all, you are the one most qualified to give your own opinion. I hope that you stand up for what matters most to you.

Rachel Malone

Director & Firearms Instructor, Texas Firearms Freedom

What YOU Can Do

Do we have any common ground? Is there any of your mission that overlaps with ours? If so, please join our community and work for firearms freedom in Texas.

  1. Join the Alarm List for email action alerts.
  2.  Follow us on social media РFacebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  3. Sponsor an activist meet-up or host an activist training.
  4. Drop us a line and let us know what you care about and what questions you have for us. Or give us a call! See our contact info at the top of the page.
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