It’s time to visit the Capitol in a unified presence to promote Constitutional Carry. Will you join us?

Texas Gun Owners Lobby Day
Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX
Thursday, March 2

More info: facebook event page

All hands on deck! Attend Texas GOLD if you possibly can so we can show the legislators that there are large numbers of people who care about constitutional carry.

We’ll start off with a training meeting, then we’ll split into groups and visit legislators’ offices. TFF’s main focus is constitutional carry, but there are also other gun bills you may wish to promote. We’ll guide you so you can make your own opinions known effectively.

Details are still pending. We’ll get you the exact schedule and locations soon. For now, save the date and spread the word:

  • Invite people to the facebook event
  • Email the link to this post to your friends who would want to know
  • Download and share this poster at your local gun range or gun club

Participating organizations include Central Texas Gun Works, Open Carry Texas, and Texas Carry. This event is in conjunction with the Republican Party of Texas Legislative Day to promote constitutional carry and the other RPT legislative priorities.

Spread the Word!

Print and share this poster at your local gun shop, range, or liberty group.

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