ACTION ALERT: Make 2 phone calls

Note: This action alert is for those who voted in the Republican primary this year, and is especially important for anyone who was a delegate at precinct, SD, or state conventions.

1. Determine who your SREC members are and get their contact info.

2. Check the list to find out how your SREC members voted. In our opinion, a good vote was to uphold the will of the convention. A bad vote was to uphold the chairman’s ruling to overthrow the will of the convention.

3. If you are not happy with how your SREC members voted, send them an email or phone call and let them know what you’d like them to do when the issue comes up next time. Their contact info is on that same GOP website page

4. If you’re happy with how they voted, please also contact them. Thank them and ask them to continue to vote that way.

Contact your SREC members
SREC members who voted to uphold the will of convention delegates

In our opinion, this is a GOOD vote. See info in our post and make your own judgment.

SD 1 Sue Evenwel
SD 1 Dennis Cable
SD 2 Vicki Slaton
SD 3 Terry Holcomb
SD 6 Tammie Nielsen
SD 6 Chris McDonald
SD 7 Sarah Singleton
SD 7 Mark Ramsey
SD 8 Karl Voigtsberger
SD 9 Shelly Pritchard
SD 9 Steve Atwell
SD 10 Jeremy Blosser
SD 11 Tanya Robertson
SD 11 JT Edwards
SD 12 Debbie Terry [via proxy Mark Amick] SD 12 David Halvorson
SD 13 Melanie Flowers [via proxy Dale Gibble] SD 13 Dale Gibble
SD 14 Jan Duncan
SD 14 Fernando Trevino, Jr.
SD 15 Gail Stanart
SD 15 Vergel Cruz
SD 16 Virginia Prodan
SD 16 Randall Dunning
SD 18 Michael Cloud
SD 19 Terri DuBose
SD 19 Scott Stratton
SD 21 Naomi Narvaiz
SD 23 Stephen Broden
SD 24 Randan Steinhauser
SD 25 Mark Dorazio

SREC members who voted to overthrow the will of convention delegates by upholding the chairman's ruling

In our opinion, this is a BAD vote. See info in our post and make your own judgment.

Chairman Tom Mechler (cast a tie-breaking vote)
SD 2 Jason Ross
SD 3 Judy Parada
SD 4 Melinda Fredricks
SD 4 Will Robbins
SD 5 Nita Davidson
SD 5 Michael McCloskey
SD 8 Candy Noble
SD 10 Merri Easterly
SD 17 Tina Gibson
SD 17 Marvin Clede
SD 18 Edee Sinclair
SD 20 Janie Melendez
SD 20 Samuel Dalton
SD 21 Michael Goldman
SD 22 Denise DeLara [via proxy Linda Hill] SD 22 Chuck Wilson [via proxy Janet Jackson] SD 23 Marian Phillips
SD 24 Jack Barcroft [via proxy Skipper Wallace] SD 25 Linda Kinney
SD 26 Marian Stanko
SD 26 Fred Rangel
SD 27 Sharon Batterson
SD 28 Jane Cansino
SD 28 Drew Bullard
SD 29 Lisa Sprinkle
SD 29 Mark Dunham
SD 30 Deon Starnes
SD 30 Paul Braswell
SD 31 Rhonda Lacy
SD 31 Tom Roller

Many of us are disappointed at the results of the SREC meeting last weekend. However, let’s begin with some positive outcomes:

The Good

  1. We received a significant number of messages from you, our activist community, saying that you listened to the livestreaming from the meeting. From your comments, we can tell you were understanding and engaging with what’s going on. We appreciate your involvement and investment of time. Showing up (in person or via livestream) is the first step to getting involved and making change.
  2. An activist commented that what sets apart Texas Firearms Freedom and our colleagues is that we are information-givers. We strive to disseminate accurate information about what is happening and what processes are available, and help people reach conclusions themselves. It is gratifying that our organization is recognized for that.
  3. Progress has been made in making the meetings open and transparent. Most of the votes were roll call votes, which helps us hold individual SREC members accountable for their votes. Our community was able to livestream without getting shut down as has happened in the past.
  4. We were able to meet in person with fellow activists and talk about plans for pushing legislative priorities in the upcoming session.
  5. The Legislative Affairs Committee, chaired by Amy Clark, has great ideas for promoting priority legislative and helping to teach grassroots how to be involved (tracking bills, testifying at hearings, etc.).

In spite of the disappointments today, there are some very good things happening. One of the biggest victories is awareness and involvement by more people like YOU. So thank you!

However, there were still disappointments….

The Bad

  1. The SREC members voted to adjourn at 2:30pm (later extended until about 3pm) so they could get to the governor’s reception, regardless of unfinished business. It was stated that arriving late would disrespect the governor. While we would certainly not want to disrespect the governor, we take issue with this adjournemnt policy. The SREC meets quarterly and their job is to conduct business for RPT between the state conventions. We believe they should prioritize getting their business done before they attend social events. This is an issue at many meetings, and is a result of bad planning; they all knew they would have to cut business short. We urge them to discontinue this practice.
  2. Several of the top party leadership (ex., RPT Chairman Tom Mechler, RPT Treasurer Tom Washington, and Rules Committee Chairman Melinda Fredericks) believe that the Legislative Affairs committee should not have authority to testify on behalf of RPT on the legislative priorities, stating that it is “more powerful to have 200 delegates show up to testify” at committee hearings. We agree that your voice is powerful, and we have faith that you will show up to hearings! However, we believe it is most powerful to have your voice AND the official voice of RPT testifying on these legislative priorities that were set by the delegates, including Constitutional Carry.

The Ugly

The main discussion was a heated Rules debate in which the chair broke the tied vote to uphold his ruling — which, in our opinion, reversed what the 8,000+ convention delegates had decided about how the SREC can change bylaws. They claimed ambiguity. We call it a power trip and derailment of the grassroots.

Here are two excellent write-ups of what happened:

1.) Lone Star Voice explains clearly how the Republican Party board meetings are relevant to us everyday Texans, and describes how members used this SREC meeting to overturn the will of the body:
“This past weekend, the RPT SREC met for their quarterly meeting in Austin and what went on in that meeting has many party members across the state in an uproar. RPT Chairman, Tom Mechler, cast the tie-breaking vote to uphold his ruling on whether or not the delegates to the state convention this past summer understood what they were voting on when they unanimously supported a rule change that came out of the convention rules committee. Upholding the ruling, in effect, allowed the SREC to overturn the will of the convention delegates.
2.) James Dickey, Travis County Republican Party Chairman, explains the background and gives the actual text of the ruling in question. His post includes videos of the discussion and voting, and a complete list of delegates who voted to uphold the will of the convention and those who voted against it.
[The chairman’s] ruling was that the delegates to the state convention did not understand a rule change they passed, and therefore the SREC could simply ignore the written wishes of the convention.

The important thing about this vote is not whether or not it’s a good idea for the SREC Bylaws to be amendable by a majority of the SREC body subject to notice requirements. It’s about whether the SREC recognizes that it only has whatever authority it is given by the delegates to the Republican Party of Texas Convention.

Sadly, a majority of the SREC thinks it is free to take whatever authority it wishes. Thankfully it is only the barest of majorities who thinks so. Hopefully with vigilance, further such actions will be kept to a minimum.

We hope that you will peruse the articles and videos and come to your own conclusion.
Please see the ACTION ALERT to the side and contact your SREC members to let them know your opinion and how you’d like for them to vote on this issue when it comes up again next time.
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