Our Constitutional Carry hearing is set for this Tuesday. (See hearing notice.) We’ve waited for this day for several years; let’s not waste the opportunity.

Please stop by the Capitol anytime on Tuesday, March 28, and sign in to register your SUPPORT for HB 375.

See this PDF for details on navigating the Capitol, signing in, and the day’s schedule.

The committee hearing will be open for public testimony. If you’d like to testify as well, you are welcome to do so. But if you can’t stay all day, no worries. We are not currently in need of more witnesses. The urgent need is simply for you to drop by the Capitol and register your support for HB 375.

If you’d like to stay for the hearing, be sure to grab a green sticker – “HB 375.” Look for friendly faces if you need help with signing in, and plan to join us for a pizza lunch. We’re also putting together activities for when the House is in session and we have to wait for the hearing to resume.

Let us know if you need help preparing for the hearing. Also, please bring a friend – or 5! Let’s show that there is strong support in Texas for Constitutional Carry.

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